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This is where “what if?” becomes “what is”. Where engineers come to solve their problems and expand their vision. Read articles on the go about friction welding technologies for your industry and other trending friction welding topics.

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New Microwelder Machine Unlocks New Applications
New applications are now unlocked (such as health care equipment, EVs, and consumer electronics) with MTI's newest and smallest machine, the Microwelder!

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What is Plug Welding and How Can It Help the Aerospace Industry?
What is plug welding and how does it work? We walk you through the process and explain why aerospace companies may find it to be a cost-saving solution!

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The Limitless Possibilities of MTI's Model 400 Friction Welder
MTI's Model 400 is the largest rotary friction welder available for contract friction welding. Explore all the possibilities for your project!

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Simplicity, Efficiency, and Peace of Mind: The Story Behind FWT
We help customers get the most out of their processes and manufacturing output by integrating standard Direct Drive Friction Welding machines to supplement their lean manufacturing strategies.

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