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At MTI, we understand that end-of-year budgeting can present challenges as well as opportunities. Whether you're focused on end-of-year spend or planning for the following year, MTI offers several different programs and services designed to work around companies' ever-changing needs. From simpler small-batch friction welding jobs to more advanced machine upgrades, we have you covered.


MTI is known for building state-of-the-art friction welders,  but did you know we also offer contract friction welding services for jobs that don't justify their own dedicated machine?

With locations in both the U.S. and the UK, our Manufacturing Services team can join your parts on any one of our in-house machines. Not only that, we can take your job from concept to completion, utilizing any combination of our value-added pre and post-weld processes, including:

  • Weld Development
  • CNC machining
  • Metallurgy 
  • Tooling
  • Heat treat
  • Flash removal
  • Ordering & shipping

Manufacturing Services is an ideal option if your company isn't ready or able to invest in a machine right now - or if you already have an MTI-built friction welder and need extra support for increased volume or overflow. Plus, we've just added a new tri-mode Rotary friction welding machine to our shop floor!

You can learn more about the offerings and machines of Manufacturing Services here.


Just like any other piece of equipment, after time, friction welders begin to show their age and eventually struggle to operate at peak performance.  While investing in a new machine is certainly an option, MTI also offers machine refurbishment services, which greatly help to extend the lifespan of your machine at a fraction of the cost of a brand-new welder.

And, with the addition of our new MTInterface™ system condition monitoring and machine performance solution, a machine refurbishment could be the difference between good production and great production! 

Many times, the “bones” of a machine may still be usable; they could just use a little help from updated equipment and more advanced technology.  Is your machine refurb-ready? Check out the five signs it's time to refurbish your friction welder.


Even if your existing friction welder appears to be mechanically sound and does not require a full refurbishment at this time, the shortcomings of its outdated controls systems may actually be costing you money in the long run.

Did you know it's actually more expensive to maintain a DOS-based friction welder than it is to upgrade the controls? In some cases, it’s nearly impossible to find technicians to work on this aging platform. Investing in a controls upgrade now will minimize the chance of a problem later, which could lead to a significant loss of productivity and lengthy downtime.

MTI recommends upgrading your DOS-based controls system to Windows 10. With a Windows 10 upgrade, not only can you take advantage of a more stable and secure system, but you can also take advantage of MTI's Remote Access Package. With remote access, you can tap into MTI's engineering expertise from anywhere in the world at the touch of a button. This allows us to virtually step inside your machine, saving the time and money it would require to bring a trained technician to your facility.


If your demand or current machine status does not align with a refurb or contract friction welding, MTI is proud to introduce you to our FWT line of Direct Drive Rotary Friction Welders, which can provide you with a dedicated machine to fit your budget.

Our FWT machines provide consistent, quality welds at a practical price.

Offered in ranges from a 3-ton to 100-ton standard Direct Drive Friction Welder, here’s what makes FWT an ideal joining solution:

  • Higher Quality Welds –Friction Welding produces joints of forged quality. This results in superior weld properties compared to more traditional processes, like MIG or TIG welding.
  •  Reduced Weld Cycle - Weld cycle production times can be reduced because the Friction Welding process is significantly faster than more conventional methods of welding. Joining times are so fast, most friction welds can be accomplished in just a few seconds. 
  • Bimetallic Joining - Friction Welding is the most effective technology available for joining dissimilar metals, also known as bimetallics. Because of differences in melting points, a lot of bimetallic combinations are impossible to join using fusion processes.

You can learn more about our FWT line in our free whitepaper


Those are just a few ways MTI can help to be flexible with your budget and end-of-year spending requirements.

If you have any additional questions about machine refurbishments, controls upgrades, Manufacturing Services or FWT, contact us to get in touch with one of our knowledgeable sales engineers.

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