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Our 117,000 square foot Manufacturing Services facility, home to our Contract Friction Welding machines, has welcomed a new 40-ton friction welder to the shop floor! MTI is continually looking for ways to invest in our customers, and this new machine allows the opportunity for expanded project capacity and machine capabilities.

Making The Space

In 2022, an Automotive customer that owns several MTI-built machines came to us with a tubular application they were experiencing production overflow challenges with. MTI’s Manufacturing Services team was eager to help, but we didn’t have the necessary capacity at the time. Fortunately, Jacob Smith, General Manager of MTI’s Manufacturing Services, saw an opportunity waiting to happen.

With ample room on our shop floor, a new Rotary friction welding machine our machine build team recently constructed, and a commitment to investing in our customers, MTI's team identified that our customer's application would be perfectly suited for this machine with a few modifications. Smith and Sales Account Manager, Mike Aiello, proposed the idea to our customer who enthusiastically agreed, and MTI got started with the upgrades. 

MTI’s Model 40 Contract Friction Welder

Our new MTI-built 40-ton machine is a tri-mode friction welder, providing the best of both Inertia and Direct Drive friction welding processes. Tri-mode machines allow for the most customized and flexible approach to friction welding applications with the inclusion of flywheels and spindle drive motors.

This machine can use flywheels to overcome peak torque limitations that we get in Direct Drive, while the electric spindle motor allows a constant velocity start and even length control for an Inertia weld. Or, we can use the spindle drive motor to add or remove inertia and extend the range of the cycle without needing additional flywheels. Additionally, any variable pressures and/or variable speeds can be used to customize a weld cycle with tough applications or material combinations. In the end, we are able to accommodate more challenging applications and extend the capability of this machine when compared to a single Direct Drive or Inertia machine. Plus, upgrades done to the Model 40 include label scanning, adding another layer of in-process quality control.

When asked how this new machine benefits our customers, Smith said, "By adding a tri-mode friction welder to the Manufacturing Services arsenal of machines, we added capability that we were previously not able to offer our customers." 

Let's take a look at some key machine specifications.

Machine Specs:

  1. Max RPM: 4,000 RPM
  2. Max Thrust Force: 355.9 kN
  3. Thrust Area: 8,107.3 mm²

Now, let's look at the value-added offerings when partnering with MTI.

Contract Friction Welding with MTI

Whether you're new to friction welding or an expert - MTI's Manufacturing Services team is there to help every step of the way. It all starts with a comprehensive Weld Development, a test of feasibility to ensure that your parts are fit for production. And, when you partner with us for contract friction welding, you get to take advantage of our endless pre and post-weld processes! We offer everything from material procurement through metallurgical testing to post-weld machining. The addition of our tri-mode machine is a testament to MTI's dedication to supporting our customers through continuous investment. 

Ready to see if your part can be Rotary friction welded? Click here

Getting Started

With added capacity, new machine capability, and an eager team, MTI is ready to take on your toughest projects. Have a few questions? Let our team of experts take it from here. 

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