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MTI’s recent release of our new Industry 4.0 offering, the MTInterface™ system, has generated a lot of excitement along with some great questions from our customers. As the first of its kind for friction welding machines, we understand the curiosity you may have.

So, lets dive in to some of the most frequently asked questions about the MTInterface system.

Why was the MTInterface system developed?

The primary reason MTI developed the MTInterface system is because many organizations are using Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) to measure production performance on their shop floor. OEE has been a hot topic over the past few years, with many organizations implementing this metric at the factory and production line level. The MTInterface system is more than just checking the Industry 4.0 box, we took the time to listen and understand the challenges our customers were facing with factory and line level OEE.

We sought input from our customers, and this is what helped shape the development of the MTInterface system – so you could get to something actionable at the machine level to make an impact on OEE.

What is the MTInterface system and what does it do?

The MTInterface system is a comprehensive machine performance and condition monitoring solution offered at three different access levels: Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Complementing traditional factory level OEE metrics, the MTInterface system provides our customers with real-time, actionable machine-level data along with service support to identify and address potential machine performance issues before they impact quality and/or production.

In more technical terms, the MTInterface system operates by using internet-connected devices and sensors that help to collect and transmit data from your friction welding machine securely to the cloud. The machine data that is collected and stored is then accessible through dashboard reporting and monthly Service Action Reports.

The MTInterface system includes a full machine performance and condition monitoring connection, a dashboard of key performance metrics, real-time monitoring, priority service support with remote access, and a monthly action report.

What is the monthly Service Action Report?

With the MTInterface system’s service support, you will receive a monthly service report that includes analysis of machine performance for the previous month and recommendations to mitigate potential machine performance issues and to maximize machine uptime.

Monthly Service Action Reports are prepared by MTI’s expert service technicians. The service reports include documentation of machine maintenance or repairs and a comprehensive history of the machine’s operation including any issues or malfunctions that may have occurred. This information is then used to identify trends and patterns that could identify underlying inefficiencies in the machine’s operation.

Additionally, our Service Action Report can help to ensure that routine maintenance tasks are being performed on schedule which can extend the lifespan of your equipment and prevent more serious problems from occurring.

Monthly Service Action Reports can be customized based on customer specific plant requirements, if needed.

How can the MTInterface system add value to my organization?

Our new system enables a proactive approach to managing machine utilization. The MTInterface system is the first step to preventing unknown potential failures from ever happening. The data and reporting features help our customers identify performance issues while experienced MTI support engineers provide actionable recommendations and insight to improve uptime and solve potential problems.

Establishing communication and data acquisition is a requirement for the future of proactive service that allow our customers to better understand and manage their friction welding machine – and eventually, predictive analytics.

How can I get the MTInterface system for my MTI machine?

The MTInterface system is a Service Level Agreement (SLA) and is purchased through an annual subscription. The MTInterface system is readily available for all Rotary friction welding machines that are shipped in 2023.

If your friction welder was shipped before 2023, don’t worry! You still have the option to purchase the MTInterface system. Depending on the age and condition of your friction welder, certain upgrades may be needed to your hardware and/or software to support the MTInterface system. But, MTI offers machine refurbishments and upgrades that can get your machine ready to equip the MTInterface system.

If you would like to know more about what your specific machine would need to support the MTInterface system, reach out to our global service team!

How is the MTInterface system different from MTI’s Preventative Maintenance Package (PMP)?

The classic PMP, like the MTInterface system, is offered at three tiered levels. However, the PMP does not include machine performance and condition monitoring, machine data collection, remote support, monthly service reports, alerts, or access to MTI Discover.

MTI’s PMP and remote support packages will still be available for customers who currently have an active package, and for those who do not wish to upgrade to the MTInterface system at this time.

If you’re unsure of which package would best suit your needs, reach out to our global service team!

What is MTI Discover?

MTI Discover is a Learning Management System (LMS) included in the MTInterface system packages with various access levels that can help employers streamline employee training on various friction welding topics ranging from safety guidelines to hydraulic troubleshooting. As an online training guide, MTI Discover lets you learn anywhere at any time from industry experts. MTI Discover features in-depth training modules using a combination of courses, videos, and quizzes.

Bronze level MTInterface subscribers have basic access to MTI Discover while Silver and Gold MTInterface subscribers get full access to MTI Discover’s training modules including courses, videos, and quizzes. Gold level subscribers also have the chance to earn certificates of completion for each training module that employers can assign and store for employee records.

Let's Get Started

By now, you should have a better understanding of the MTInterface system and how it will help to identify improvement opportunities for your friction welding machine. To learn more about the MTInterface system, or to see if it’s the right solution for your friction welding machine, contact us!

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