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This is where “what if?” becomes “what is”. Where engineers come to solve their problems and expand their vision. Read articles on the go about friction welding technologies for your industry and other trending friction welding topics.

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MTI's Partnership With Career Academy South Bend Ignites Success
MTI's partnership with Career Academy South Bend is aiming to shrink the manufacturing skills gap and expose more high schoolers to friction welding and other practical work experiences.

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Eyes of an Engineer: Putting the Pedal to the Metal
In part seven of MTI's Eyes of an Engineer series, we catch up with MTI Chief Metallurgist Jim Hoffman, which isn't an easy task, considering he goes through life at 200 mph!

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Eyes of an Engineer: When Passions Become a Career
In part six of MTI's Eyes of an Engineer series, we shine the spotlight on Constanza Lengerich, whose path to MTI winds through multiple continents!

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