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Describing 2021 with one word is a challenge – disrupting, exhausting, messy, etc. Needless to say, much like 2020, this past year had several highs and several lows. However, despite it all MTI ended 2021 stronger than ever with much change and growth along the way.

We know keeping an eye on the future is always important but so is celebrating our accomplishments at both our US and UK locations. So with that said, here's a look back at the highlights of the past year.  

Small Machine, Big Results:

Ever heard the expression ‘good things come in small packages?’ Well here at MTI that couldn’t be more true thanks to our newest product offering in Low Force Friction Welding – the Microwelder! This new friction welder is the smallest we have ever built which allows us to join very small parts with a minimum weld area as small as 1mm² - which is roughly the size of pencil lead. Parts this small were previously impossible to join with friction welding. 

You can find the Microwelder in Columbus, Ohio where it currently resides with EWI, who has been our collaborator in developing Low Force. 

Want to learn if small-scale joining is right for you? Be sure to tune into the latest episode of MTI's Whiteboard Wednesday series where MTI's President & CEO Dan Adams walks you through the basics. If you are interested in learning more or curious about a weld development, contact us today. MTI's Micro-Welder which is located in Columbus, Ohio at EWI.

Largest Machine Order in MTI History:

Not only can we celebrate the smallest machine - MTI made headlines with the biggest order!

In 2021, MTI achieved record sales and received the largest single sale order in its nearly 100-year history. We are extremely proud to have such a longstanding Aerospace customer who continues to choose MTI for their friction welding needs.

Our record sales weren't the only accomplishments we had. We also made significant strides in our latest technology, Low Force Friction Welding.  

The Future is Near:

Many opportunities begin within the walls of MTI’s Manufacturing Services building, and this is exactly where the custom-engineered friction welder that MTI uses to join parts for NASA is located.

Since 1981, MTI has proudly been involved with several NASA missions, and 2021 was no different. This past year we continued our involvement on one of the boldest space missions ever planned - and none of this would be possible without NASA continuing to rely on MTI’s expertise for their friction welding needs. Not only does MTI get to become a part of history by joining parts for the rocket that will send the first women to the moon, but we also get to aid in propelling astronauts to Mars’ surface in the 2030's. 

These missions with NASA are extraordinary opportunities and experiences that MTI is extremely proud of, and we plan to keep them going for years to come!

If you would like to learn more about our involvement in space programs, check out our Aerojet Rocketdyne project.

Mentoring Matters:

In a year where social distancing was still the norm, mentorship and community became more important than ever. 

As we like to say at MTI, behind every great employee is a great mentor.  And it's been our mission to carry that mentorship into our community as well.   

In 2021, MTI continued its involvement in the Junior Achievement (JA) Program. The JA Program is a comprehensive program that introduces students K-12 to the importance of financial literacy, job readiness skills, and entrepreneurship. To ensure we’re building a workforce for the future, volunteers from MTI enter the classroom to teach students and get the next generation excited and prepared for the workforce.

We have several volunteers at MTI who have been assisting in the program for years, including employees from our Finance, Accounting, HR, and Sales departments. Working primarily with local high school students, MTI employees guide students as they take on the role of CEO of a manufacturing company in a computer simulation. The students then have the opportunity to make real-life decisions based on price, productivity, marketing, research and development, capital, and charitable giving. 

In the fall, MTI also hosted a tour for prospective controls engineers from Purdue Polytechnic High School.

The students listened to presentations about friction welding and then toured the shop floor of our global headquarters for an up-close look at our world-class friction welding machines and how they operate.  Purdue Tour

Taking a Moment to Celebrate:

As you can see, it's safe to say that 2021 was a year filled with accomplishments. But, it was also a year where despite obstacles,  MTI found unique and new ways to celebrate.

In October, MTI hosted its first-ever Halloween costume and pumpkin carving contest. And in December, MTI received a surprise visit from Santa who had cookies and gifts in tow.   

MTI's Ed Shorten poses as Santa in front of a pile of presents


Other Highlights:

  • Dan Adams, MTI’s President and CEO, attended the Defense Manufacturing Conference (DMC) in 2021 and presented MTI’s latest innovations in Low Force Friction welding that will benefit the defense industry. 
  • In November of 2021, MTI and St. Vincent de Paul came together and did our annual Thanksgiving food drive where we donated meals to 25 local South Bend families for the holiday!  And in the UK, MTI and Dudley Rotary Club came together to give a donation of £750 to the black country food bank along with many food donations.  
  • MTI continued to strengthen its partnership with FWT and the its line of Direct Drive Friction Welders.
  • During our 2021 Christmas holiday party, MTI participated in the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree program and Real Services Elves for Elders, and we contributed $2,075 overall. It came out to be a total of 23 gift cards for the Angel Tree and 18.5 gift cards for Elves for Elders!

 What’s to Come:

Heading into 2022, we are excited about what next year holds in store.  In addition to the Micro-welder, we are launching a new Low Force Friction Welding technology as well as multiple new ways of better serving our customers.

Technology is the key for the future – in order for MTI to continue to better serve our customers in today’s highly connected, digital world we know it’s important to actively engage and be aware of what’s changing and grow along with it!

Talk to Us:

If you'd like to learn more about Low Force Friction Welding or any of our other broad offerings, contact us today to begin the conversation.

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