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Unscheduled downtimes can result in significant financial losses and consume the maintenance department. That’s why refurbishing your old friction welding machine has several cost-saving advantages. 

If you’re falling behind or having difficulty meeting quality compliance, an MTI upgrade may be just what you need. And, with the addition of our industry 4.0 solution, the MTInterface™ system, your company can start to identify actionable solutions.

Here are 5 signs to look for:  

1. You’re Falling Behind in Productivity

Our skilled technicians can get you back in the game.  We’ll diagnose your machine’s current capabilities and customize a plan just for you. Take one of our aerospace customers, for example. By upgrading their early 80’s technology to meet today’s standards, they experienced a cost savings of $1 million and the project lead time cut in half. 

2.  Your Friction Welder is Running Warmer than Normal

To combat production downtimes, our Preventative Maintenance Packages provide a cost-effective method to proactively identify potential trouble spots—such as hot spots or your machine running warmer than usual. Our experienced service team performs a complete health report of findings, corrections, and recommendations to prolong the life of your friction welding machine.  

 3.  You’re Still Using a DOS-based Machine

Did you know that it’s become more expensive to maintain DOS-based machines than it is to upgrade? And in some cases, it’s nearly impossible to find technicians to work on them. And, by upgrading to today’s technology, you’ll have clear documentation of your manufacturing processes so that you can stay in compliance with customer requirements. Shorter scheduled downtime durations and expanded system messaging are just two more of the many benefits you’ll receive when you upgrade your friction welding machine.  

4. Your Quality is Suffering

Human error is inevitable. But with automated friction welding in manufacturing operations, accuracy is improved. That’s because the friction welding machine is programmed to specific parameters, leading to less mistakes. By integrating automation, we can add several operations into an automated cell, and the part will come out fully-tested for length control, dimension control, and finished machining.

5.  You Can’t Afford a New Machine Right Now

Sometimes a new machine just isn’t in the budget.  Contact us to learn how an upgrade can bring your machine back up to today’s production standards—without breaking your budget. Our Manufacturing Services can even handle your parts while your machine undergoes an upgrade.

As a world leader in friction welding, MTI’s team of service experts can create an upgrade plan that matches your budget. In addition, we can provide ongoing Preventative Maintenance Packages, predictive maintenance, and more. You’ll experience greater peace of mind. And, your processes will stay current. We’ll build a machine that makes your part, we’ll make the part for you, or we’ll help you make the part even better.

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