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This is where “what if?” becomes “what is”. Where engineers come to solve their problems and expand their vision. Read articles on the go about friction welding technologies for your industry and other trending friction welding topics.

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How Friction Welding Can Solve Wear Problems in the Oil Sands Industry
Linear Friction Welding can be a more effective joining solution for Mining and Oil Sands producers that use tungsten carbide tiles to protect their heavy-duty equipment.

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FAQs - Friction Stir Welding
What is Friction Stir Welding? What is Friction Stir Welding used for? And, what does Friction Stir Welding look like? Learn all this and more in part one of our series on the most commonly asked questions about friction welding.

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Cooking With Friction Welding
Thanksgiving is our favorite holiday and we don’t mess around. Our engineers “whip” up a traditional holiday side dish using friction welding and science.

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From Adams Engineering to MTI
Manufacturing Technology, Inc. is a worldwide leader in joining and welding solutions. Discover their history that spans over eight decades.

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