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MTI Small Batch Part Runs

The 2030's will no doubt be a decade that challenges everything we thought we knew about technology. It's when NASA plans to send the first human to Mars and it's also when many automotive manufacturers have pledged to take their fleets fully electric.

As more consumers trade in their combustion engine vehicles for a greener mode of transportation, the demand for traditional automotive parts is shifting. With this transition, parts like pistons are taking the backseat to cooling plates and other electric vehicle-specific applications.

So, what is an automotive manufacturer to do? It still needs to join parts for combustion engines, but it also needs more space (both physically and logistically) to re-tool and deliver on its electric vehicle demands.

Enter: MTI's contract friction welding team.

Inside our state-of-the-art facilities in South Bend, Indiana and Kingswinford, United Kingdom, automotive manufacturers can rely on the most experienced team of friction welding experts to handle their small-batch solid-state joining jobs, from start to finish.

With dozens of friction welding machines between the two locations, as well as a dedicated metallurgical lab, CNC capabilities and a variety of other pre and post-weld processes, automotive manufacturers can free up their floors to allow for electric vehicle part production, while still supporting the demands of their combustion engine customers.

"It's the best of both worlds," says Manufacturing Services General Manager Jacob Smith. "Automakers can now trust that their applications are being friction-welded by a team with decades of experience with combustion engine parts, while still being able to focus on the shifting needs across their shop floors."

MTI's Manufacturing Services team is equipped to handle one part every few seconds to one part every few months - and everything in between. 

"Small-batch runs can find the perfect home within our contract friction welding buildings," Smith says. "We can meet the requirements for service orders up to full-line production orders. You can also rest assured knowing any customer communication will be handled with our onsite inside sales coordinator, who will help keep you updated on the progress of your orders as well as answer any questions you may have."

The South Bend location has 117,000 square feet of production space, allowing our team to receive your parts, join them, pack them up then ship them out to meet your grueling deadlines. The space also allows for the setup of fully automated cells.

Chris Price, who manages subcontract friction welding in the UK, says now is the perfect time for automakers to switch their combustion engine parts to MTI.

"It just makes sense," Price explains. "Change is inevitable and MTI is here to help bridge that gap." 

The electrification of vehicles is just one reason your company may be considering small-batch part runs.  Even if you aren't yet in a position to fully hand over the friction welding of your combustion engine parts to our Manufacturing Services team, we are ready and eager to assist in circumstances of overflow or machine maintenance. Check out our newest customer story with Rivian Automotive, Inc. to see how MTI's contract welding team was able to help with their new electric vehicle program!

"Manufacturing Services can be considered an extension of your company as we work together to determine how MTI best aligns with your business needs," Smith says.

Getting Started

To learn more about MTI's contract friction welding capabilities, reach out to our knowledgeable sales team! 

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