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Technology and infrastructure have certainly grown over the past 50+ years, but so has MTI's commitment to helping our environment.


MTI's expertise, friction welding, is a green process itself. In many cases, friction welding reduces carbon footprints all the way down the supply chain because less material and energy is needed to meet its unique demands.

Each time an MTI friction welding machine operates, no objectionable smoke, fumes or gases are exhausted into the atmosphere, making it one of the most environmentally friendly welding processes in use today. Plus, friction welding does not require consumables, flux, filler materials or shielding gases.

MTI's friction welding machines also give our customers' energy bills a break; they require less power to run than other conventional welding techniques.



Another significant environmental benefit of friction welding is the ability to achieve near-net shape parts.

For example, bladed disks, more commonly known as blisks, are one of MTI's specialties. The friction welding process allows us to avoid machining out billets to make these critical aerospace parts, meaning we save materials and resources with each weld.

Many of the parts MTI friction-welds for our customers have a direct, positive impact on our environment. Here are just a few examples:

  • Steel pistons that reduce CO2 emissions
  • Components for satellites that measure the Earth's temperature
  • Components for electric vehicles
  • Jet engine components to improve fuel efficiency and reduce carbon footprint
  • Aluminum driveshafts for fuel efficiency
  • Heat exchangers for electric vehicles 
  • Parts that enable lightweighing of vehicles, leading to better fuel efficiency 

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