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Leveraging the latest in advanced Rotary Friction Welding technology, MTI’s newest Double Ended Axle machine increases efficiency, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness in axle production. 

Here are the three things you need to know about MTI’s latest Double Ended Axle machine:  


1. Can Reduce Cycle Times by Up to 12%

Our twin spindle design improves capacity by welding a complete axle in just one cycle. Because the axle machine is fully automated, you can eliminate slow, manual part load/unload operations. And, quick change tooling reduces set-up times to get your machine back in production mode quicker. 

During a recent installation, the Double Ended Axle machine reduced cycle time by 12%, allowing one German manufacturing customer to eliminate their night shift.

2. Orientation Leading the Way for The Axle Industry

With orientation to ±1°, MTI’s Double Ended Axle machine is leading the way for the axle industry. To meet the exacting standards of the automotive industry, this friction welding machine delivers fully finished axles for multiple applications, all with precision part accuracy and statistical data monitoring for the quality process. In addition, MTI’s industry-leading orientation controls package increases spindle positioning accuracy for even tighter finished part tolerances.

3. Keeps Future Costs to A Minimum

With flexibility and maintenance in mind, the Double Ended Axle machine was designed to save you time and money down the road. Here are a few ways the Double Ended Axle machine takes future customer needs into consideration:

  • FLEXIBILITY – You can schedule different axle production runs on one machine, eliminating the need to juggle schedules across multiple, single-weld machines.
  • MINIMAL MAINTENANCE – Whether it’s the tooling or the flash removal system, MTI takes all the fine details into consideration when it comes to keeping your production line running smoothly. The shear dies and thrust plate, for example, are separated from the non-wearing clamp, which saves you valuable time during part replacements. In addition, the AC servo drive motor is directly coupled to the spindle—which means there’s no pulleys, belts, or external brakes—allowing for reduced maintenance overall.

A Closer Look at The Process

Direct Drive Friction Welding, the oldest form of Rotary Friction Welding, is the standard for axle production. Here’s a closer look at how the process works:

1) A single part is rotated while the other stays stationary.
2) A low friction force generates heat at the weld interface.
3) A second friction forge force is applied to generate more heat to further soften materials.
4) Energy input is decreased; full forge load is applied, causing soft material at the weld line to extrude.
5) Forge force is maintained to allow the part to cool.


Ask us about it!

MTI’s newest, most innovative Double Ended Direct Drive friction welding machine can increase your throughput with little or no scrap, increase your revenue, and decrease your operational costs. Find out more about it today when you download our free brochure.  Or, contact MTI to learn if the Double Ended Axle machine is right for you.


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