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friction welding risk mitigation

As a manufacturer, you know there are many inherent risks in the production process. And one of the biggest is down-time. This is especially true for operators of critical equipment like friction welding machines. Whether your business is growing rapidly, you have production needs while your friction welding machine is being built, or your machine will be off line for scheduled maintenance, you can’t afford to slow down. That’s why MTI has developed a unique approach to keep your business up and running, around the clock.

Advantages of Third-Party Support

MTI’s Manufacturing Services team partners with you to build your parts to the specifications and quality requirements, whenever you need them. And the team’s Production Support Plan helps ensure that you can meet your production demands, no matter what happens. We can work with you to manage:

  • Short lead times
  • Production services while your friction welding machines are undergoing preventative maintenance, or while new machines are being built
  • Demand that exceeds your current friction welding capacity
  • Periodic, short production runs

The Support You Need

MTI will help you determine the right Production Support Plan to meet your primary goal: risk mitigation through assurance of parts availability.

Requirements and costs vary depending on your friction welding machines, and your business needs. 

Working with MTI

As a global leader in manufacturing technology through the use of friction welding techniques, MTI commits valuable resources to ensuring the highest quality end products. As an ISO-certified manufacturer, we bring together INnovation, GENuine, and ContinUITY — for INGENUITY you and your customers can trust.

Discover how MTI can be a part of your risk mitigation strategies, by making your parts, building the machines to make your parts, or helping to make your parts even better. Contact us today to learn more.

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