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We understand life's biggest moments don't always wait until the end of the work day. On most occasions, MTI employees can take advantage of a flexible schedule — meaning you can do things like volunteer in your child's classroom or tag along on a field trip without using any time off.

But if you're looking for some extended time away rest assured knowing all new hires begin with four weeks of paid time off.

You may be thinking, “but so many other companies only promise to give me about a week to start, what gives?"

Glad you asked!

We believe a rested employee is a productive employee. Just like a vehicle, it’s tough for your brain to operate at peak performance when it’s running low on fuel.

Go ahead, take the time to recharge. We’ll be ready for you when you return – just as long as you promise to show off some pictures of your adventures!

Not in the mood to travel? Not a problem.

You can also use your days off for religious observances, when you’re not feeling well or just when “life” happens.

About MTI

MTI has established itself as a leader in friction welding, including Rotary Friction, Linear Friction, Low Force Friction, and Friction Stir Welding technologies.  In addition to contract manufacturing services, MTI has delivered machines to Boeing, GE, Rolls- Royce, Pratt and Whitney, Federal Mogul, and many of their tier one suppliers.  A family owned business founded in 1926, MTI employs 250 people in its South Bend, United Kingdom, and Slovakia locations.

For more information on MTI and its family of world-class friction welding technologies, visit www.mtiwelding.com.

Twitter: @mtiwelding

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/manufacturing-technology-inc

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