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custom friction welding solutions

We live in the age of customization. Just about anything can be customized: cars, clothes, homes, etc. The idea of customization has been integral to the manufacturing industry for some time now. At MTI, we understand that need for being able to ensure end-results meet specific needs.

In fact, a key aspect to what we do involves taking friction welding and integrating it with a design and evaluation process that leads to either creating unique machines for the client or producing customized parts that cannot be made using traditional manufacturing processes. Being able to customize the process allows MTI clients to save time and money.

Gone are the days when you have to settle for inferior finished products because the technology hasn’t caught up with your design requirements. With friction welding your design can become reality.

Friction welding is classified in four  primary ways: Low-Force Friction, rotary friction, linear friction, and friction stir. These technologies are unique, efficient, and can be used as a custom solution for your next design concept, prototype, or finished project. Whether you’re looking for manifold tubing, lift screws, actuators, water pump shafts, or some other specially designed product, friction welding is a technique that results in forged quality bonds.

The Heart of the Process
So how do we do it? How do we take a custom concept and turn it into a finished product? It’s a thoughtful process that requires evaluation, assessments and in-depth testing. Through MTI’s friction welding process, we may also uncover new manufacturing efficiencies that will save you money and time. Here’s how we do it:

  1. We collaborate with you as project partners to best define your needs and expectations
  2. We develop an initial concept based on your input and unique application requirements, to see how friction welding can make your part better
  3. We procure the necessary materials and develop the final cost verification
  4. We develop a working prototype of your custom project using a friction welding process
  5. We conduct in-depth testing that assist with planning and for adjusting any modifications in the final design
  6. Finally, we provide ongoing support after the project is approved – whether this includes MTI producing the parts for you or building a machine to produce your part
MTI’s Results Speak for Themselves
At MTI, we specialize in designing the highest quality custom parts to your specifications and technical requirements. Two of our clients, Harbison-Fisher and Federal Mogul asked us to help them with some custom work and together we developed customized solutions that exceeded all expectations. Below are a couple of case studies about their projects:

  • Industry: Sub-surface oil field rod pumping
  • Problem: A long, costly production process for an integral pump part — and an application that was entirely new to the MTI team
  • Solution: Our team collaborated closely with Harbison-Fisher to design an even-stronger, leak-resistant joining solution that made it easier than ever to assemble the critical, bimetallic part. By eliminating steps in the manufacturing process, we helped to significantly reduce production costs and shorten production times.
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  • Industry: Auto parts manufacturing
  • Problem: Emissions regulations led manufacturers to make changes that ultimately revealed vulnerability in aluminum pistons, which could not tolerate the higher exposed temperatures. A Federal-Mogul subsidiary determined that a steel piston would be required.
  • Solution: Our team developed the forging technique for the Monosteel piston, which offered the ability to increase durability by decreasing piston temperatures while in operation. This was made possible by our already-existing process for making two welds simultaneously. The Monosteel piston is now the preferred choice of all major industrial engine manufacturers and others.
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Learn more
At MTI, we’ve used our ingenuity to create flexible, custom joining solutions from axles to water pump shafts. Find additional examples of the work we’ve done here. 

With exceptional expertise and ingenuity, our engineers are prepared to help you achieve extraordinary success — and a stellar ROI. Together, we’ll work to bring your vision through to production, for the benefit of your business and your customers. And we’ll continue to serve you for the long haul, providing preventative maintenance, parts assurance, and more. We’ll build a machine that makes your part, we’ll make the part for you, or we’ll help you make the part even better.
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