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Whether it's as small as adding a protective case to your new smartphone or as advanced as installing a state-of-the-art security system to monitor your home, it's natural and sensible to want to keep your personal property safe.

So why should the capital equipment that helps your company perform at its highest level be treated any different?

MTI's Preventative Maintenance Package is designed to keep your friction welder running at peak performance for years to come by avoiding the costly downtime associated with unexpected and unplanned repairs.


The Preventative Maintenance Package (PMP) is a multi-tiered program focused on the health and longevity of your friction welder. The packages are especially attractive to our aerospace customers, who produce high-dollar components that follow the strictest of accuracy standards.

While the packages can be tailored to your company's unique needs and budget, we begin with a baseline of bronze, silver and gold offerings.

You can review some of the key benefits in the chart below:

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The main purpose of our PMP is to ensure a trained MTI technician has an opportunity to inspect your machine on-site at least once a year. These visits are scheduled well in advance, giving you a chance to prepare for or eliminate any stoppages in your production schedule.


While at your facility, our technician will offer valuable training to your company's maintenance staff, providing them with a better understanding of the machine and friction welding as a whole.

"Customers that benefit the most from the PMP are the ones who truly understand what they can handle as far as service and maintenance and what MTI should handle," explains MTI Key Account Manager Tim Jennings. "It allows our customers and their maintenance staff to work alongside our service technicians, helping them understand everything we do from start to finish."

During a scheduled visit, our technician will perform a complete inspection of your machine to diagnose any potential issues.  The complexity of the inspection varies based on the package you purchased, but each visit is designed to help outline the next steps for your maintenance staff.

"While on-site, our technicians communicate with our customer's point of contact and provide solutions," Jennings says. "If we discover an issue while at your location, we can order replacement parts at that time and then schedule another visit to complete the work."

At the end of our visit, we will provide you with a comprehensive health status report, which outlines our technician's findings and recommended actions.



Because MTI is a global company and has locations in both the U.S. and the UK, you can typically expect a response to most issues within 24 hours.

To take that a step further, if you purchase the gold-level PMP, you will also have access to remote monitoring, which allows our trained technicians to keep an eye on your friction welder from anywhere in the world.

"We can step into the machine digitally and understand what's going on before we even have that first conversation," Jennings explains. "It's even quicker than a phone call. We have all the data, parameters and performance at our fingertips so we can provide a response accordingly." 


Safety is another key reason to invest in our PMP.  There are a lot of components inside an MTI-built friction welder that move very quickly under a lot of force. Over time, those components can experience a considerable amount of stress, and without proper maintenance, can eventually deteriorate and pose a risk to your employees.

"Typically, if something goes wrong with a machine, it's a knee-jerk reaction to get it up and running again," says Jennings. "But that band-aid fix may not address the root cause. Having the PMP allows an MTI technician to diagnose the problem and offer the right, long-term solution."

Our visits will also ensure your machine is continuing to align with your company or region's safety requirements.


In most cases, a well-maintained machine will not experience enough downtime during our on-site health checks to significantly impact your production schedules. However, if our technician determines your machine is in need of extensive service that could take it out of commission for any amount of time, you can take advantage of our contract friction welding division.

Manufacturing Services, which has locations in both the U.S. and UK, is equipped to handle your friction welding needs while your machine is being repaired.

"In times of heavy production, our customers can't afford downtime even for maintenance," Jennings explains. "With Manufacturing Services, we can tool up and prepare for these events as well, covering the production demand within our facility and run parts for our customers with no downtime whatsoever." 


If you currently have an MTI-built friction welding machine on your shop floor that is without the protection of a PMP, it's not too late to begin safeguarding it.

Unlike other traditional warranties or protection plans, a PMP can be purchased at any time during your relationship with MTI. Whether your friction welder has been a part of your company for one week or ten years, you always have the option of adding a PMP or upgrading your existing plan.


If you're considering investing in a PMP, contact us today. The sales engineer associated with your account can customize your level of maintenance for your production levels. This customization ensures you're getting the exact amount of protection you need to keep your processes running smoothly.

Due to the complexity of their friction welding jobs, aerospace customers make up the largest percentage of PMP holders, but there are other protection options for customers with less demanding projects.

Our Machine Performance Package, for example, packs some of the biggest benefits of our PMP into a one-day, comprehensive visit. You can read more about that package here.

"Preventative maintenance is for every customer," Jennings stresses. "It helps us understand your strengths and weaknesses and helps us identify where we can bring in our experience to help increase a customer's production and decrease their downtime."


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