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In 1926, founder Conrad Adams saw a bright future in solving problems for customers. Now, MTI is celebrating 90 years of being in business and serving six continents through its South Bend, Indiana headquarters. Since the very beginning, Ingenuity has been at the heart of everything we do. Ingenuity intersects with the MTI story, summarizing how we bring creative solutions to benefit our customers.

At MTI, ingenuity is formed by bringing together: Innovative + Genuine + Continuity

To MTI, innovative means bringing the latest and greatest technologies to our customers. In order to be customer intimate, the company has to react to what customers and the marketplace needs before they may know that they need it. Innovation has played a driving role in MTI’s story, allowing the company pivot several times along the way. When the company first began as a tool and die company, we started by building engine cutaways for trade shows, then moved onto automation of machine tools, and finally to automation of friction welding and building friction welding machines. Our commitment to the marketplace allows us to keep up to date and a step ahead of customers’ needs and our ability to provide creative solutions.

Being genuine refers to the people behind MTI; the ones bringing solutions to customers. MTI is a fourth generation family-owned business. That means when the company makes a decision, they are long-term decisions that are in the best interest of our customers and our employees, not a short-term reaction to boost profitability or a stock price. Since we are a family business, we create a culture of family with our employees so they can learn and grow. This culture inspires them to be long-term employees.

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Having been in business for 90 years, we have been around longer than some of our customers. Continuity is important at every level of our business. Because employees at MTI have been around for long periods of time, customers do work with the same employees repeatedly. From a technology aspect, we bring customers in; investigate their application, do development welding that could lead to subcontract welding or machine sales. We are dedicated to that customer and will maintain the machine with service and parts throughout the lifecycle of the piece of equipment, making sure we are with that customer from the beginning of the project to the end.

Global company, local roots
Part of continuity is keeping our headquarters in the same location. Our family, employees, and culture lives in South Bend, Ind. Not only is South Bend in the heartland of the industrial sector of the U.S., it’s also within 100 miles of our supply base.

Knowing our reach is global and in order to meet customers’ needs, MTI has facilities in China and England. This structure ensures we can service, maintain, and deliver equipment wherever customers need our services.

Looking ahead
As MTI strives to reach the century mark, we are dedicated to build on the foundation of our ingenuity – innovative, genuine, continuity. In the next 10 years, we want to put special emphasis on innovative. We want to build on the foundation of friction welding know-how with our White Board Wednesdays, to build on what’s next and bring in new customers, new applications, and solve all new problems in a creative way.

MTI Can Solve Your Problems
MTI offers the unique ability to design friction welded parts that will best serve you and save you money at the same time. Talk with our expert engineers today to identify your needs and let us design a specialized solution for you. We’ll build a machine that makes your part, we’ll make the part for you, or we’ll help you make the part even better.

To learn more about MTI, explore our website to find out how we can work for you.

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