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Custom Solutions for your Joining Needs

Posted by Bob Besse on Sep 16, 2016 6:00:00 AM

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We live in the age of customization. Just about anything can be customized: cars, clothes, homes, etc. The idea of customization has been integral to the manufacturing industry for some time now. At MTI, we understand that need for being able to ensure end-results meet specific needs.

In fact, a key aspect to what we do involves taking friction welding and integrating it with a design and evaluation process that leads to either creating unique machines for the client or producing customized parts that cannot be made using traditional manufacturing processes. Being able to customize the process allows MTI clients to save time and money.

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In 1926 our founder, Conrad Adams, may not have been able to visualize all the great things ahead for his family’s small tool and die company. However, he could see a bright future solving problems for his customers. Through hard work and a steadfast dedication to solving their most challenging manufacturing problems, the little company from South Bend, Indiana became the world-leader in friction welding technologies, providing engineered solutions from golf putters to jet engines. Today – nine decades and four generations later – MTI’s commitment continues with a solid succession plan and a vision for GREATNESS in place for the next generation.