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New Generation RFW Machines are a Hit with the Brits

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Posted by: Bob Besse on Feb 3, 2014 10:40:00 AM


In January of 2014, George Osborne, Chancellor of the Exchequer, a British Cabinet position responsible for economic and financial matters, toured the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) located in Ansty Park, Coventry in January 2014. The Chancellor was duly impressed with the facility and its potential to provide state-of-the art collaborative research to the aerospace industry and advanced manufacturing fields.

While promoting “high end manufacturing in the UK,” and being assisted by MTC’s Senior Research Engineer, Dr. Chris Dungey, Chancellor Osborne actually carried out an inertia weld on Manufacturing Technology, Inc.’s (MTI) 125 Tonne Tri-mode rotary friction welder. To find out more about the Chancellor’s visit, click here.

Then in March, British Prime Minister David Cameron visited MTC to roll out his economic plan for Great Britain. Seen standing in front of MTI’s 125 Tonne Tri-mode rotary friction welder, PM Cameron tells MTC that he has several million Pounds of spare change that he would like to hand over to MTC to assist with their “crazy rate of expansion.”

To find out more about PM Cameron’s MTC visit, click here.

The world class Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) is one of the largest public sector investments in UK manufacturing for decades. Destined to take R&D in manufacturing processes well beyond current capability, The MTC will provide unique global capabilities through collaboration of four leading universities and technology organizations in the UK plus MTC industrial members.

Manufacturing Technology, Inc. is an Industrial Member of The MTC, supplying them two, new generation, state-of-the-art tri-mode rotary friction welding (RFW) machines; one rated at 125 Tonne and the other at 300 Tonne metric forge load. To learn more about The MTC, click here.

New Generation RFW Machines are a Hit with the Brits

These Tri-mode RFW machines have unprecedented levels of functionality and can;

  1. Operate in direct-drive (DD), inertia welding (IW) and hybrid welding (HW) modes
  2. Enable precise weld cycle control and length management through a variety of advanced software and hardware control techniques.

These new capabilities enables a step change in product dimensional accuracy and consistency, while maintaining the benefits of rotary friction welding as a proven, reliable solid-state welding process. End target? New levels of achievable component accuracy and consistency through advanced control techniques, which will identify new areas for process exploitation in applications that require high dimensional accuracy of finished components.

To learn more about MTI Welding, visit our website or watch our Whiteboard Wednesday series on friction welding.

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