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Space_Expo_April_Social_Media_LK_1200x630_MTI150South Bend, Ind. - Recently recognized for its role in high-profile space missions, Manufacturing Technology, Inc. (MTI) is gearing up to showcase its friction welding expertise to some of the biggest aerospace influencers in the nation.

MTI will be among the hundreds of exhibitors at the 2019 Space Tech Expo in Pasadena, California.

The show, which runs from May 21-22, offers companies the opportunity to educate attendees how their processes help send astronauts to the moon and beyond.

“It takes a lot of work from a lot of different people to pull off a successful space mission,” says MTI CEO and President Dan Adams. “We are honored to be among the companies helping to advance space travel." 

This will be MTI’s third appearance at the Space Tech Expo.

If you’re planning to visit the show, visit MTI at booth #3014 to see the latest advancements in friction welding and learn why NASA has been relying on us for years to weld critical aerospace components.


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