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Following a nearly seven-week closure of our buildings amid the COVID-19 pandemic, MTI reopened its doors on May 11 to resume US operations after Indiana's governor deemed it was safe for non-essential manufacturers to do so.

While our buildings are back open, it's not quite yet "business as usual."

For now, both of MTI's US locations are staffed with limited employees to lower the risk of exposure and to ensure a safe distance can be maintained between our employees and between our customers. Employees in our buildings must practice social distancing, utilize Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and complete daily health assessments, which include a temperature check. 

At this time, both of our US locations on Washington Street and Sheridan Street are operating on a four-day work schedule. This will greatly improve the safety for our employees by allowing for extra time on the weekends for a potential virus to die off on surfaces inside of our buildings.

Our employees who are able to work remotely will continue to do so, Mondays through Fridays, to help push along key projects from a safe distance.

If you are a customer or a supplier, you must have an appointment to visit our buildings. Be aware that you must complete a health questionnaire and agree to a temperature check before you are granted access inside. The health questionnaire can be provided to you prior to your visit.

All visitors will be required to follow MTI’s exposure control plan, inclusive of social distancing requirements and the use of PPE, which you must provide.

Please also note that employee and customer travel will be continually evaluated per each
state’s restrictions.

These additional steps will help ensure our buildings are a safe place to work and a safe place for our customers and suppliers to visit. 

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.

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