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The 2016 International Manufacturing Technology Show is running from September 12-17, 2016 in Chicago, IL and MTI is there! We’ll be in the North Building, B Hall (Fabricating & Lasers), Booth N-6014 where we’ll discuss our friction welding technologies and how they can improve your manufacturing processes. Specifically, MTI representatives will talk about our Manufacturing Services program- designed with you in mind.

Contract Manufacturing Services from MTI: Making the Parts

It’s a common problem that engineers and designers face nearly every day – how to join two separate components into a single part.  This problem becomes more complex if the components are each made of a different material or have unique geometries at the joint interface.  So, how do you join two parts into one?

The first step in answering that question is to know what options exist. MTI helps you look at the situation, determine how friction welding can be applied, and then navigate the path to successfully implementing friction welding into your part design and ultimately into your production.

For some, this may mean designing and building a friction welding machine that makes the final part. For others, the best solution is for MTI to step in and make the final parts for you – saving you time and money.

MTI Makes It Happen

MTI’s Manufacturing Services provides you access to world-class friction welding machines and welding process know-how in an affordable, single-source solution. By offering customers access to knowledge, friction welding capacity, and locations in the United States and the United Kingdom, we can ensure that you get the best value for your investment, and get the parts you need delivered when you need them.

As your partner, we start by asking the right questions and listening closely. What are you trying to accomplish? What alloys are you using? Is this a new part design or an improvement to an existing part? What are the details of the weld interface?  What post-welding processing will happen to the part? What is the volume of parts you may need?  For production, is your own friction welder the right path or does it make sense to outsource the joining of your part, thus letting you spend resources and time elsewhere?

MTI’s Manufacturing Services can assist you in research and development of parts, feasibility studies, optimizing manufacturing processes, developing the parts and testing the parts. All of which allow you the opportunity to take advantage of one of the world’s largest, most-experienced friction welding machine builders to produce friction-welded parts of all sizes and volumes on your timeline and budget. 

When and how would MTI’s Manufacturing Services work for me?

Rotary Friction Welding

Only MTI offers all three types of RFW: inertia, direct drive, and hybrid. Useful for:

  • A consistent, machine-controlled processes
  • Minimal joint preparation at the weld interface
  • Forged-quality joints with a 100% solid state bond
  • Only one piece needs to be symmetrical, such as tube or bar
  • Custom applications, including joining dissimilar materials

Linear Friction Welding

A perfect solution for:

  • Welding a variety of complex part geometries
  • Multiple pieces can be bonded simultaneously
  • Bonding pieces to “near net shape" eliminates machining parts from solid blocks
  • Total scalability and customization for any size weld
  • Dissimilar metals may be joined, decreasing overall part cost and increasing part design flexibility

Friction Stir Welding

Beneficial for:

  • Joining sheet, panel, and metal extrusion parts
  • Creating larger sheets, plates, or extrusions out of smaller components
  • Limitless panel length and width
  • Virtually defect-free bonding
  • Superior mechanical characteristics with minimal distortion of joined parts

MTI Can Solve Your Problems

MTI has used the friction welding process for near net shape manufacturing of parts since the start and has now proven the ability to produce quality parts by friction welding with additively manufactured parts. With these techniques – among the several friction welding options applied by our expert engineers every day – MTI has the knowledge and know how to solve your manufacturing problems. We’ll build a machine that makes your part, we’ll make the part for you, or we’ll help you make the part even better. To learn more about friction welding, visit our website or watch how friction welding can be put to work for you.

The IMTS is held every two years and is an opportunity for manufacturing technology companies to network with industry colleagues, demonstrate innovative and revered technologies, and development new business with companies from around the world.

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