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mti careers

If you’ve ever wondered how machines work, have a genuine interest in applying your engineering knowledge to diverse applications or how parts are made, then you may find just the right opportunity at MTI.

MTI offers opportunities for individuals interested in developing innovative solutions to our customers’ manufacturing challenges. Today, more industries than ever are turning to friction welding, calling for continual advancements in solid state joining technology. This means, at MTI, we're continually building a talented team that's focused on INGENUITY — bringing together the INnovation of our products, GENuine people, and the continUITY of a fourth generation family owned business.


Engineering, designing, and building the friction welding machines isn't just a job. It's an excellent career path. Here's why:

Project Diversity

MTI builds components for aerospace, automotive, energy, consumer products, and much more. There are plenty of chances to put your problem-solving skills and creativity to good use and you can be sure you'll never be bored!

A Healthy Work Environment

Today’s manufacturing doesn't have to be a dirty job. Our friction welding products are part of a clean process, designed to replace traditional welding.  Our commitment extends to our talented teams, where we promote health and wellness.

Room to Advance

We want each person on our team to “Be More”: enhance your skills through diverse learning opportunities and roles with greater responsibility await.


We provide:

  • Competitive salaries
  • Excellent benefits, including health insurance, a 401(k) plan, paid vacation, and more
  • Sane work hours for a healthy work-life balance
  • Opportunities for volunteering throughout our community
  • Opportunities to "Be More"
    • Reimbursement for professional conferences and technical skills courses
    • Financial assistance for earning a Master's or a PhD
    • Support for activities that improve health and happiness
    • Personal finance education, including Dave Ramsey money management courses


Roles at MTI include:

  • Engineers, from technical positions to project design, and product management
  • Machine operators
  • Individuals who can build, maintain, and repair large-scale machinery
  • Support staff in positions like purchasing, marketing, innovation, and business development

…and more


Check out our Careers page and tell us why you're a great fit for MTI!

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