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Constanza Lengerich

Constanza Lengerich serves as the Market Development Manager at MTI. Since joining the company, Constanza has been instrumental in helping commercialize and develop MTI’s Low-Force Friction Welding process. Constanza also plays a key role in assisting potential customers explore how their companies could benefit from Low-Force Friction Welding. Prior to MTI, Constanza worked as the IDEA Center’s New Ventures & Investments Manager at the University of Notre Dame, where she earned her master’s degree in Engineering, Science and Technology Entrepreneurship (ESTEEM.) In 2014, Constanza co-founded a water filtration company that aims to help waterworks customers, schools, homeowners and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) solve the arsenic contamination problem more efficiently. Constanza earned her BS in Industrial Engineering at the Universidad del Desarrollo in Chile and has experience working in marketing research companies around the world.
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How Can Low Force Friction Welding Improve The Automotive Industry?

Posted by Constanza Lengerich on Mar 2, 2021 8:09:34 AM

Topics: Automotive, Low Force Friction Welding, Frequently Asked Questions

In many ways, the Automotive industry is one of the most diverse and unique industries that MTI serves. Though the projects don't involve sending spacecraft into orbit like some of our Aerospace jobs, the demands of this ever-changing industry keep us on our toes and inspire us to keep thinking ahead.

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Low Force vs. Traditional Friction Welding: Which One Is Right For Your Project?

Posted by Constanza Lengerich on Oct 23, 2020 2:26:25 PM

Topics: News, Low Force Friction Welding

For decades, MTI has successfully joined hundreds of applications across multiple industries using our traditional friction welding process. However, with the introduction of our newest solid-state joining technology, Low Force Friction Welding,  you may now be wondering whether it's time to consider switching to Low Force - even if you've relied on our traditional process for years.

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Comparing Low Force Friction Welding to Laser Welding

Posted by Constanza Lengerich on Aug 12, 2020 1:00:00 PM

Topics: News, Low Force Friction Welding

It's a scenario you've likely encountered at least once.

You have two metals you want to join, but you're not sure which welding technology is the best fit for your application.

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Low Force Friction Welding: FAQs

Posted by Constanza Lengerich on Jun 4, 2020 8:07:50 AM

Topics: Low Force Friction Welding, Frequently Asked Questions

It's our newest technology and has the potential to revolutionize solid-state joining as we know it - Low Force Friction Welding is here to stay and since its inception, we've learned a lot about its potential in all of the industries that MTI serves.

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Low-Force Friction Welding: A Promising Solution for the Rail Industry

Posted by Constanza Lengerich on Jan 18, 2019 4:40:41 PM

Topics: Low Force Friction Welding


For decades, railroad companies have been welding 80-foot rails to form Continuous Welded Rails (CWRs) that span from 400 feet to several miles. To accomplish this, they’ve heavily relied on two forms of welding: thermite and flash-butt. However, despite the wide use of these two processes, a significant percentage of railroad failures are a result of low-quality welds.

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In 1926 our founder, Conrad Adams, may not have been able to visualize all the great things ahead for his family’s small tool and die company. However, he could see a bright future solving problems for his customers. Through hard work and a steadfast dedication to solving their most challenging manufacturing problems, the little company from South Bend, Indiana became the world-leader in friction welding technologies, providing engineered solutions from golf putters to jet engines. Today – nine decades and four generations later – MTI’s commitment continues with a solid succession plan and a vision for GREATNESS in place for the next generation.